Manny O Wines: Let’s drink to that!

January 19, 2013 - 12:00AM DIRECT LINE By Boy Abunda

Dionysus is the Greek god of wine. He was called Bacchus by the Romans. The grapevine is one of his symbols. It is said that Dionysus had two extreme personalities. He can transform from bringing ecstasy and relaxation into causing bitterness and fury. Dionysus embodies the nature of wine which, when used rationally, can be pleasurable and good for the heart but, if taken carelessly, can result to negative effects.

Wine has a rich and flavorful history with its earliest known production dating back to around 6,000 BC in Georgia. In the Balkans, the first wine production was unearthed at an archaeological site in Macedonia around 4,500 BC, while the world’s oldest known winery was discovered in Areni-1 cave located in Armenia.

I enjoy the exquisite taste of wine, especially when paired with the right kind of food. I was truly ecstatic when my good friend, wine lover and collector, Manny Osmeña, gave me boxes of his award-winning wines last holiday season. It would be a shame not to have the chance to drink the sparkling Manny O Wines, which is famous for its elegant and sophisticated taste.

Manny O Wines has received numerous awards at such events as the New York International Wine Competition, San Francisco International Wine Competition, Japan Wine Challenge 2012, Korea Wine Challenge 2012 and Finger Lakes International Wine Competition.

Manny O has a wide array of wines to choose from depending on your mood and the occasion. Manny O says, “Wine is aromatherapy to the mouth and to the soul… sophistication not intoxication.”


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